Front Etched White PBT ISO TKL Set


24 Jan 2015, 00:34

I have a keyboard style in mind and the only missing piece is the keycaps.

I want a custom colour set and I cannot find a reasonable way to get them with all the specific options I want. So i am thinking of just buying a white set and dying them. This would make the remaining features easier to find hopefully.

Is there anywhere that sells front laser etched PBT ISO caps for a TKL in white? Am I right in thinking that laser etched will survive dying the caps?

If not can someone suggest a way to get a cap set in these colours with front printing and PBT. I know anything to do with PBT and ISO is rare but maybe you guys can help out.

Thanks in advance.


24 Jan 2015, 12:28

Yep, anything with ISO and PBT is rare. I would like to get my hands on a blank or side-printed vertical Enter key in PBT myself.

The closest I know of is that Widebasked on eBay sells ANSI Leopold kits in thick white PBT with lasered legends in the front.
It has a few more than 104 keys: If you would add a ISO Enter key to it, then you would get a full ISO set where some of the keys have the wrong legends: Left shift, the key next to it, the key next to Enter, and of course the other legends that differ between Irish/British and US-ANSI.

Signature Plastics is capable of making ISO PBT keys in DCS profile, but I have never seen any full set of DCS in PBT.
ISO PBT Enter keys have been made in DCS profile as add-on options to PBT DSA kits, though.
Matt3o's Granite Group Buy has offered has a grey blank PBT ISO Enter key in grey.

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24 Jan 2015, 12:45

If you can stand blanks, Ducky does some nice white ISO PBT sets in OEM profile. Those should dye quite well. Their engraved ISO sets might be worth a look as well.


24 Jan 2015, 19:05

Thanks guys I will check out the suggestions and keep a lookout myself. It is such a shame that Europe does not have a keycap market.

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24 Jan 2015, 19:29

It's not as bad as trying to buy an HHKB! There's a few online retailers with various sets.


24 Jan 2015, 20:25

What would be great is if I could just order a full set form Signature Plastics, but they only do group buys and nobody would want the set I am thinking of. Maybe I will put it up for a cote anyway. See if it flys on massdrop or something.


24 Jan 2015, 23:02

There has been a little bit talk about a PBT DCS group buy in the future, but we'll see what colour and legend combinations that there will be.

BTW, PBT DCS would be interesting for use on the CM Storm Novatouch - as that would resemble the material, keycap texture and profile of the Topre Realforce's and HHKB's keycaps except for sitting lower. Because DCS does not have struts inside the keycaps they won't need O-rings on the Novatouch.

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24 Jan 2015, 23:12

DCS is a lot shorter than OEM profile, right?

Here's my ISO NovaTouch in those Ducky PBT blanks I mentioned:


The spacebar is particularly nice. But I prefer Granite overall, for those epic legends not least.


25 Jan 2015, 01:20

Muirium wrote: DCS is a lot shorter than OEM profile, right?
DCS is as high as Cherry profile. The profile is almost the same except that the keys on the Shift and Space Bar rows are angled more
Realforce's keycaps are almost like OEM profile except that the keys on the Shift and Space bar rows are angled more.

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