Deskthority Rabbit Hole kit (2018 Christmas Edition)

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08 Feb 2018, 10:26

Hello. I'm relatevely new DT member, long time user of buckling spring keyboards (Unicomp and Model M). I have recently converted to split ortholinears, but I'm obsessed with vintage mechanical keyboards. Have finished repairing and USB-converting (bolt mod, Pro Micro with Soarer's Converter FW) two Model Ms and now trying to sell it almost without profit to buy another dusty and long forgotten mechs (or NIB IBM 'pingmaster'). It's hard to find them in Russia for a reasonable price, and shipping cost from US is quite high.
If I get this kit, every KB will be restored to its glory, converted to USB and given as a gift to my collegues.
P.S. Here is my article (written in Russian) about Model M restoration.


08 Feb 2018, 13:54

Wanted to openly state that i am new to the Vintage scene (joined DT recently to get some older cherry keysets). I've been building and collecting boards for the last 2 or so years but i've finally decided to jump into the vintage "pool". Problem is the Australian scene has dried up it seems recently when it comes to these older boards.

I actually picked up a Model M just yesterday (which would be my first vintage board) that is in need of some TLC (as seen here, this is how I received it

Currently stockpiling the missing springs and caps + the knowledge to do the screw mod on the numpad section of the Model M.

I'm super interested in jumping into the rabbit hole that is vintage boards, but without the ample supply of them and lack of cash, it's pretty hard to find anything.

Hopefully, this kit could change this :D (although shipping might be a killer)

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08 Feb 2018, 14:51

Nice to meet you yesterday Superdoedoe - Hope you can fix the Model M I gave you - if there is anyone that can give you guidance on how to fix it, it's here!

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09 Feb 2018, 00:23

Hello Wodan! I just watched your TX1800v2 stream, and heard you talking about this kit! I've never been on this deskthority forum before, so this is my first ever reply! I got into this hobby around 6 months ago, when I built a GH60 with Gateron Yellows, Tai Hao Miami keycaps, and a plastic Poker clone case. That case has recently been replaced with a wooden case.

I am currently waiting for the Contra/Danck kit, as well as the F62 Model F from

Watching a lot of Chyrosan22 videos has made me want to dig deeper into the vintage keyboard hobby, and I feel like this would be a great opportunity for that!

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ISO Advocate

12 Feb 2018, 23:03

Thanks for the amazing applications!!! PMed the applicants, hope we will be getting some rabbit hole kits out soon :)

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ISO Advocate

26 Nov 2018, 13:31

Rabbit Hole Kits are back online! Please forward this to everyone who you think should get one :)


27 Nov 2018, 08:59

I would like to get a package. I'm absolutely new to this hobby.
I think it's really nice to save these wonderful pieces of hardware from just being thrown away.
On the other hand spending time on restoring these keyboards seems to be a much better activity than being bored or browsing Facebook :)


27 Nov 2018, 19:52

This is really a generous offer and given that it is aimed at new entrants to vintage keyboards, even more so.

I don't recall exactly when my interest in mechanical keyboards started, but I bought a Filco with Cherry MX blue switches in 2012, thinking that that would be close to my (vague) recollection of my early experience of mechanical keyboards. I was disappointed. At the time I was considering buying a model M from, but given shipping here, thought it extravagant. At the time, fixing up a keyboard myself was outside my league.

I used the Filco for 6 years, but returned to searching for a model M this year. I finally decided to pay the ebay surcharge, just because I have given up on finding any locally. I now have a model M that I use daily, plus a recent find of a few model M's that I'm working on slowly, since I'm learning as I go.

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ISO Advocate

28 Nov 2018, 09:32

Thanks for your application guys .. really amazing to see people are interested in this :)

Mariasms kit will soon be shipped. Will PM twasa about his

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28 Nov 2018, 11:30

Hello Wodan!
To be honest, I'm not the newest newbie to this addiction.
But in the last 2 years or so my local recycling center only drops me a single vintage Cherry to play and learn with.
Maybe my Magic Mecha Find is so low that the only loot i find is either membrane or rubberdome :(
Hope you give me the chance to go deeper into the rabbit hole :mrgreen:


28 Nov 2018, 22:27

Hi Wodan,
About six months ago i found my first mechanical keyboard at the recycling center. A Laser with SMK 2nd. They thought it was trash so had already cut of the cord and spent hours figuring out how to solder i a new one properly and cleaning the board.

Searched on youtube if those switches where any good and found Chyrosran22's channel and that is where the hobby started. now i have 2 other boards from the recycling center, Bought a Model M and am trying to get a Unitek K151l to work but it crashes my pc if i press down on certain keys to hard.

Would love some vintage board to work on. haven't had any luck finding a tactile switch at the recycling center thus far so that is pretty high on my list to try.

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ISO Advocate

02 Dec 2018, 22:20

Finally got some replies out. There‘s more kits available :)

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03 Dec 2018, 02:24

Priapoz wrote: Unitek K151l to work but it crashes my pc if i press down on certain keys to hard.
Seems like the PCB may be shorting to ground somehow.


03 Dec 2018, 21:53

abrahamstechnology wrote:
Seems like the PCB may be shorting to ground somehow.
Looks like there is a bit of corrosion on the board and the soldering is horrible. Probably going to remove and reapply some of those solder joints. Hope that works because i really like the feel of that board and sharpness of the key caps.


04 Dec 2018, 01:20

I think I qualify. I have just got into the keyboard game with a model M and pingmaster. But I would like to get more experimental and do some restoration work. I have good soldering skills

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