Fully refurbished Model F AT


08 Aug 2019, 10:52

Hi guys,

I've got a fully refurbished Model F AT for sale. Pics:
mmexport1558510866783_2.jpg (1.52 MiB) Viewed 465 times
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mmexport1558510869237.jpg (4.53 MiB) Viewed 465 times
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mmexport1558510867602.jpg (4.7 MiB) Viewed 465 times
The keyboard is modded as such:
ANSI modded
Num pad modded to accommodate nav cluster
Foam replaced
Fully cleaned inside and outside with melamine foam
Interior plate spray painted with black paint to protect from rust
Fully USB converted with internal Soarer's converter
Female USB-C pigtail outside acting as removable cable

PM me to leave an offer. I will not be putting this up on feebay due to inflated market price. Please take note that international shipping from China is about 60USD.

I've also got a few more Model F XT for sale. PM me for more info on them. Follow me on Instagram or FB @xy.tech



08 Aug 2019, 10:58

Nice board, looks like you have done a good job on the internals but i would give them caps and case a once over. Looks a big grubby to me and them caps should clean up super nice !

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08 Aug 2019, 11:42

The ansi modded spacebar looks a bit skewed to me. I’ve been putting off doing that job to my own AT, and this reminds me why!

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