[FS] 75% keyboard kit


16 Nov 2019, 03:52

hi. i am selling a keyboard kit that includes the following:
-winkeyless 75 pcb with tmk firmware and rgb underglow leds(16x), configurable with bootmapper client. basically same pcb as kbdfans75
-custom geerscutting alu plate with swap feature, that is, you can use a switch opener tool to swap the stem and spring while the bottom housing
is still soldered on the pcb and mounted on the plate. other commercial plates like the kbd75 plate does not let you do that.
-cherry mx red switches, great linear switch
-clipped stabilizers, also band aid mod on the pcb
-thin films to reduce wobble of the housing, already installed, see pictures
-switch opener tool, 1 pair

imgur pictures: https://imgur.com/a/aOmJURv

basically all you need is a case(for example the kbdfans75) and keycaps and you have a nice complete 75% keyboard.

asking 50€ + shipping in Europe. no international shipping, sorry
if you have any questions just ask or pm me

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