[ SOLD ] Cherry G80-2500HAU/02

Lost In Static

04 Feb 2020, 16:42

Hello everyone!

Most probably dont know me on forums yet, Im rather active on discord and some do know I have been trying to get rid of my G80-2500HAU/02 (US/PL layout) for quite some time. Finally I have gotten around to it so here it goes!


Its in pristine condition, I removed the original foil and gently pulled the styrofoam off to take the pictures. The person I bought the keyboard from told me its been laying unused on the attic in some random box, never used. In fact, the cord and the plug are still in the original packaging. All the technical info about the keyboard can be found here: wiki/Cherry_G80-2500

Of course the image with the tag, and some proper visibility. Please dont mind the now visible mess :D


I dont know its actual value, only heard of some estimates. Im looking forward to offers on DMs, looking for money or a trade for something of IBM. I'll be shipping from Poland and would prefer to stick to Europe, but if someone is dedicated enough to talk me through the process I can possibly ship worldwide. However, I will not be covering the shipping fees.

And now some pictures




If you wish to see more photos or would like to ask something specific about this keyboard - please ask below, via DMs or on Discord. Heres a link to the imgur album in case the images would not display:
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04 Feb 2020, 18:42


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