[EU-PL][WTS] Rev3 price drop: Ericson Datasaab Alfaskop 3700 keyboard with Clare-Pendar SF 5101 switchs


02 May 2020, 14:55

I want to sell or trade an Alpaskop 3700 terminal keyboard with a full case. Keyboard serial number is also quite low 1405 - so its probably from the early 80s.

Price around: 150 Euro, but I am open to other suggestions.
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When I got this keyboard some time ago, it was covered in a fine dust layer, so cleaned it a bit. But I assume that the keyboard has seen a fair amount of use judging by the shiny and worn out keycaps, not to mention that one of them had been cleverly repaired.

For the switches, some are scratchy from the dust, but with a good cleaning, they should work perfectly.

I also need to find the spacers and screws for this keyboard (I have them stored somewhere), I will probably post other things to trade later down the week.

I am also opened to some trade.
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Edit 1: Added a price of 300 Euro
Edit 2: Changed to price to 200 Euro, keyboard weight a "ton" - so shipment will cost more than usual.
Edit 2: Changed the price to 150 Euro.


23 May 2020, 21:21

Price drop.

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