[WTS] FLS3 w/ dyesubs, NOS Unikey KB-7001, restored F XT, Minidox


27 Jun 2020, 16:25

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/lJFYk3G

Hi guys. Selling a bunch of stuff. Prices don't include shipping, estimate $20-40 depending on which board and location. All prices in CAD and are negotiable. Trades appreciated.

First board is a NOS Reveal KB600 which is a rebranded Unikey KB-7001. Fixed ergo board with bamboo SKCM white. They feel pretty good being NOS. Plate and board are both spotless. Box is a bit dirty. Has dust protector. Din-5 connector. Works great, but this board made me remember how much I fucking hate 1u backspace. Could be interesting to use for a custom (4.5 and 5.5u spacebars).

Asking $90

Second board is my FLS3 board. Don't have much info on it. Has been thoroughly cleaned. Case and spacebar are slightly yellowed (not as bad as the picture makes it look). Gorgeous PBT dyesubs with awesome blue legends and a nice font. Board is very clean but switches feel a bit scratchy. Could maybe use some lube or something, not quite sure. I have attempted to convert it but was unsuccessful. No connector although original cable is present.

Asking $65

Third board is my Minidox. Built with gat yellow (stock). Has green PCB case and blank white DSA (I think) keycaps. Actually a very interesting board, I like it, but realistically it only has about the functionality of a 60%. One small thing to note is that the left half had a small problem with the PCB so I had to put in a small wire to connect one column to the Pro Micro. Works great and hardly visible from the outside (used magnet wire and pressed flat to PCB).

Asking $75

My final board is my F XT. I have restored it completely with new foam, sanded/painted the plate, etc. Overall is a solid 8.5/10. Some small scuffs and marks on the case I was unable to get off, and a fair amount of the keycaps have small scuffs on the edges. F and R keys are scratchy off-center, likely dirty barrels, not too sure. Don't really notice it when typing. Works wonderfully. Ears on the feet are broken off but I have ordered some a few weeks ago and they should be here any day now. Numpad + key is from a bigfoot model F so it has a "field" legend on it.

Asking $170

Feel free to ask questions and make offers. Again, trades are (probably) preferred and all prices don't include shipping and are in CAD. Thanks!
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01 Jul 2020, 16:47

Bump, Unikey guy changed his mind :(


10 Jul 2020, 16:40

Bump, F XT feet have arrived, and the buyer changed his mind lol


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03 Aug 2020, 17:21

Prices dropped, XT sold but forgot to mark it as such.

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Bump, feel free to make offers :)

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