FS Vortex Pok3r RGB with NK_Blueberry & Various New Switches & Cheaper Keyboard

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28 Jun 2020, 23:15

Hey everyone, hope all is well for you out there. First time trying to sell anything on a forum so forgive any stupidity.

Trying to sell my Pok3r that I put some Kailh Blueberry switches in recently. I love the feel of the Blueberries, and the Pok3r itself is very nice, simple, and has a low amount of use. The sound really "pops" thanks to the tactility, so if you like the sound of Creams you should love this. Absolutely no "slip/stick" that Creams are known for. I really don't want to get rid of it but need to desperately recoup some funds atm. I believe it's the version with PBT keycaps, but not positive. Payment through Paypal and ships usps, or cash pickup if you happen to be within an hour or two of me. (Located in SE PA) Will also consider delivery if that's the case. Would like to get $135 for it, but all offers considered, I need it gone soon.

Also have some new switches that I don't need atm. 70pcs Kailh Box Silent Brown and 70pcs Cherry MX Black Silent. Looking to sell both bags for $40 together.

And I have an Iogear Mechlite with Kailh Blues. Completely stock, no visual signs of wear, let me know if you're interested. Looking to get $30 for it, but will consider all offers. Thanks so much!
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