[EU-NO] [WTS] IBM Model M - ISO


29 Jun 2020, 21:58


I've been meaning to put this out for sale for a while now. I got this off another fellow here on deskthority about a year ago, because I've never tried a bucking spring before. It's a sweet keyboard, sturdy built as most enthusiasts know and extremely satisfying to type on.
Pictures and timestamp:
I'm trying to minimize my collection and I don't really use this one that much, due to the sound and size of it so I wanna sell it off to someone who might want it more.

It's fully functional, with a PS2 cable. The port where you connect the cable to the case is slightly loose, but it's not a big issue once it's plugged in.
German keycaps on an ISO WKL layout. I've cleaned both the case and the caps gently to take away most of the dust/old smell. As you can see in the picture, a right key cap is missing and is replaced with a second left key.

About 15 of the plastic rivets have come off, which are known to break off over the years, as it's made of plastic. I'd love it if the new owner does a solid bolt mod on it, to preserve it. :)

I will sell it for the same as I got it for, $100 + shipping!
(I'll accept euro too)

Thank you for checking in!


03 Jul 2020, 22:13

Very Nice ISO Model M :)

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