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17 Feb 2021, 17:13

Hey guys,
I'm cleaning out my hobby room and besides tons of old hardware, it's time to sell my keyboard collection to people who would actually use or appreciate them more at this point.
I'm still adding pictures and might change/add descriptions accordingly as I'm going through my stuff.

Cherry G80-1800 HFD
German ISO layout, vintage MX blue switches, DIN plug. Couldn't find a date code on the PCB. Nice doubleshot keycaps, freshly cleaned, as well as the rest of the board, PCB and case.
This is a really neat keyboard which I have some personal history with. In the early 90's my dad built a sound measuring device for the German railway company "Deutsche Bahn". It was basically a kitted out 386 PC with this keyboard integrated into the top of the case. I salvaged the keyboard but couldn't use the custom case on a desk setup (terrible ergonomics). So I just got a generic G80-1800 case from eBay to be able to use it.
Unfortunately, the custom LEDs didn't fit and when I took them out, the soldering spots on the PCB got a bit damaged (this was almost 10 years ago). I'm currently working on a solution that will both satisfy me and potential buyers though. Adding more pictures once I'm done with it.
Price: Because of the nostalgic factor, I'm not dying to sell this board. I might be willing to let it go, once the right offer comes along, though.
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Foldable mechanical ALPS keyboard w/ DS keycaps
I posted and discussed with you about this board extensively in these two threads (this one, this one way back in the day when I first acquired it). In short: It's a full-size clicky ALPS keyboard in German ISO layout, with DIN plug and doubleshot keycaps, and it also folds in half. It doesn't have a serial number or any sign of manufacturing, and the PCB is hand-soldered, so it might be some form of prototype. Would also be backed up by the apparent rarity.
In terms of condition, it was always folded up, so the inside looks basically like new. They keycaps are in great condition, too, they look completely unused. From the outside, it's slightly dirty and the cover of the folding mechanism is slightly damaged (fragile plastic got brittle). It's only the cosmetic cover though, and not the mechanism itself, so the keyboard and the folding mechanism are both completely functional.
For pictures, best see the linked threads. Will take more on request.
Price: Asking 200€ - taking offers

Cherry G80-1501 HAD
This is the "doctor/hospital" variant of the G80-1000 which includes a German health insurance card reader in the side. Also German ISO layout, grey doubleshots all around, MX black switches. Date code is "O23", so it should be from 2002 - new version with PS2 plug. Condition: Thoroughly cleaned, switches gone through when I changed the springs back to the original MX Blacks, and fully functional. Keycaps are pretty shiny by now. The case has a few marks and is noticeably yellowed - see pictures. Bit of surface dirt.
Price: Asking 125€
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Apple M0118
Again German ISO layout, Salmon ALPS switches, ADB-port. Should be manufactured between 1987 and 1990. Works perfectly, have used this in my office for a while. People talk about cleaning/rebuilding the switches on these. Typing on it feels smooth but I don't have a lot of reference. Typing real fast (like over 600 characters per minute) doesn't suit it, but other than that, I'd give it a pass. Case and keycaps are a bit dirty as I'm not comfortable with removing and cleaning ALPS caps. Noticeably yellowed case.
Price: Asking 110€
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Apple AEK 2 II
The usual. German ISO. Fully functional, the case and keycaps are a bit dirty as I'm not comfortable with removing and cleaning ALPS caps. Case is yellowed.
Price: Asking 55€
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"Compu Cable mini" ADB-to-USB converter including two cables
Works plug-and-play on every windows PC I have tested. Two inputs you can switch between, and I have included two fitting cables which I have used with my Apple keyboards in the past.
Price: not sure yet
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Marquardt Mini
Small keyboard in modified German ISO layout. Marquardt custom switches (feel most similar to MX blacks I'd say). Only the PCB, I didn't get any case with it. It's thoroughly cleaned and in good condition, fully working. Since the board is around 30 years old, the insulation of the DIN cable has gone brittle, so it could really use a new cable. It's still working 100% though and should be very easy to change.
Price: Asking 35€
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Payment possible via PayPal or bank transfer. Prices excluding shipping. As you might have figured, I'm located in Germany, so shipping is possible no problem within Europe. For worldwide shipping (like USA), please contact me individually.

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