[WTS] Hall Effect switches Zbrojovka Brno 262.12 keyboard - working on AT


07 Apr 2021, 15:32

Used vintage Hall Effect switches Zbrojovka Brno 262.12 keyboard - working on AT !!

Made in 1990 by Brno Small Arms Factory in Czechoslovakia, not former Soviet or Russia :-).
titul.JPG (2.29 MiB) Viewed 286 times
The keyboard has an AT protocol ROM content, can be equiped also with XT ROM content.
ROM content is stored on nice goldened TESLA MHB 8748C (east European block clone of Intel) or can be stored on Intel D8748 or similar.
Caps are thick doubleshot ABS.
Uses TESLA Hall sensors - it is a copy of the Micro Switch SW or SD Series sensors made in central Europe in 1980's and 90's.

Used, clean - may has some dust or mess, will need more precise cleaning of the caps.
Caps are in perfect shape, with rough surface. Only several small scratches and chips on several caps.

Damages, but only light:
arrow right - chip
0 INS - chip
left CTRl - chip, scratch
right ENTER - chip
big ENTER - scratched
several caps have some marks from ink???

Plastic body has several sratches
Newly soldered cable, previous was cut off.
Two rubber feets are missing.

Without original box.
Contains a color photocopy of original manual and reference, I made it from original.

Tested on my PC AT iCore3 WIN10 in USB port, with 5DIN --> PS2 adapter and then PS2 --> USB. You do not need to modify the keyboard. All functions are working with this simple and cheap solution.

Keybard works nicely, all caps and LEDs are working.

Weight: 2,4KG without additional box

I accept PayPal or bank transfer for the payment.

Asking 160€ + shipping.

Shipping from Prague, Czech Republic, Europe:
EU - about 15€ - ask for specific country
USA - only with regular post (more than 2KG) - about 45€ - the cheapest way - could take two months now
Asia - ask for shipping, probably similar to USA

Additional photos:
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07 Apr 2021, 15:43

Nice board. Lots of character. Not my style at all but someone will surely love it.

How smooth are the keys?


07 Apr 2021, 15:52

The surface quite rough, the pressing - not so smooth, old style, I would say it is different from todays keyboard. But not unpleasant. The longer keys,you have to press them in the center, otherwise they will "cross" in the corner and don't go so smooth.

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07 Apr 2021, 15:56

Really nice keyboard there. How smooth are the switches?

Edit: Oop, I see this has been answered while I was reading the post.

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07 Apr 2021, 15:59

Sounds like it might need lubed. I've no experience with these switches, though. Definitely a task for its next owner!

The off-centre keypress thing you describe is called binding. A common problem with some kinds of switches.


07 Apr 2021, 16:29

Thanks for binding :-) About lubing - I am not sure, if these switch are lubable - its construction came from end of 80's in communist block factories design and copying.

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07 Apr 2021, 16:38

It would be wonderful to find one of these with smooth switches.

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ISO Advocate

07 Apr 2021, 16:43

Oh god a CZ keyboard ... must ... resist ... :-D

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07 Apr 2021, 22:01

I had good experience with dry PTFE spray on those switches. Used it on the spacebar of mine and the difference is night and day. The binding 'issue' stems from the design of the stabilizers on these boards. The 2u keys (for example Numpad 0) use two switches. One functioning, sensing unit on the left and a dummy switch on the right. If you press too far on the right side of those keycaps, starting from right above the dummy switch, they will bind and on the far right even jam, although this was never a issue I had when just using the board in a normal manner.

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