FS: 3 NEC Clicky Keyboards, very close to NOS


19 Jul 2021, 23:51

Just found 4 of these NEC keyboards the other day and I only want to keep 1 so the others are for sale. The story I got with them was they were each used once when the company (Waters) was setting up their matching computers, then boxed up and set to be trashed because the computers went into some proprietary setup and didn't need keyboards. I believe all have NEC blue oval switches but I haven't looked because on the last one I had, a switch cracked when I pulled the keycap off.

Having a lot of trouble with pictures, I'll try and get them posted today

1st one is an APC-H410E in its original box. Has styrofoam in it and the cord is still wrapped- asking $200 or best offer

2nd one is an APC-H412 in an H410e box. Also has foam, no plastic wrapping though. Asking $160 or best offer

3rd one is an APC-H412 that's loose. Has some dust and some extremely light scuffs at the front bottom but essentially perfect given it's like 35 years old. Cord was hanging off a shelf so it is slightly stretched but still very good. Asking $150 or best offer.


20 Jul 2021, 10:16


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21 Jul 2021, 20:02

Waiting for those pics! :D


22 Jul 2021, 07:24

Waiting for those pics too!

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