[WTB] Old-style M122, Wey Tec Connector Box, Sony BKE keyboard


30 Jun 2020, 10:36

Hi everyone!
I am looking for pretty rare things, so I know that my chances of finding something aren't great. If you have something like it or have an idea where I could try to get these, please let me know.

Anyway, here's what I'm looking for:

Old-style M122
I just bought a F127 from the marketplace and I plan to fully restore it. The case is damaged on the left upper corner of the keyboard, so I'd like to replace it. The only option (apart from an F122) is to get an old-style M122 (with the long dark grey flip out feet) and reuse its case.

Wey Tec Connector Box
I'm looking for a Wey Tec connector box to get a Wey Tec MK06 up and running again, because this keyboard is wey to nice *pun intended* to not be used.

Sony BKE keyboard (with Sony BKE domes)
This is currently the only thing remaining on my keyboard wish list (apart from a Xerox Docutech and a Nissho KB106DE, but I kind of gave up on those). I heard so much good stuff about those domes and I'd like to try them myself. I'm also interested in loose Sony BKE domes, but I'd prefer the original keyboard.

Thanks to everyone reading this, I appreciate any help on finding these things :)
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09 Jul 2020, 00:20

Gratz on the F127!


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