[WTB] M122 3270 or PC/3270 keycap set


04 Jun 2021, 00:11

I have an M122 with a 5250 data entry layout keycap set on it. I'd like to replace the keycaps with a full 3270 set, because I'm going to have to replace most of them anyway, and I do occasional stuff on a 3270. (The controller will be replaced with something running QMK with my 3270 keyboard layout in it.)

Anyone have the keycaps for sale? Or a dead M122 3270 keyboard with all the caps I can use for parts?


11 Jun 2021, 03:21

I've since acquired a 5250 keyboard that's within spitting distance of the 3270 layout. Now I don't need the entire keycap set; just the numpad + and Enter keys, the Dup/PA1 key, the up- and down-arrow D-pad keys, the BAE newline key, and the left hand special key group (10 keys). The complete F1-F24 group with the 3270 extended attributes on the front would be nice, but alternatively F1, F9, F10, and F24 with blank fronts.


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