[WTB/WTTF] Olivetti KBD 2811 or KBD 2812 with Cherry dyesubs

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Cherry Picker

17 Oct 2021, 11:37

Hiya, I'm looking for some Olivetti keyboards. I'm looking for KBD 2811 or KBD 2812 variants with Cherry dyesubs. I'm open to most layouts. Here are a few that I want but there are many others that I may have missed:
  • UK ISO - Cherry G81-3011SBG - if you have the one pictured below with the missing keys, that's totally fine; I have the keys needed to replace them.
  • ANSI - Cherry G81-3011SBU
  • Swedish/Finnish - Cherry G81-3011SBO
  • Danish - Cherry G81-3011SBM
  • Norwegian - Cherry G81-3011SBN
  • Swiss - Cherry G81-3011SBC
  • Portuguese - Cherry G81-3011SBP
If you couldn't tell by the bold letters, UK ISO is my absolute most wanted layout.

The only exceptions, which I'm not interested in, are: French, German, Spanish, Italian.

I'm happy to buy, or trade for any of these. In terms of trades, I have too many vintage boards to list, and some modern things too. I can also try to find things for you if there's something specific that you want. Contact me if you've got one of these, I'm sure I can find something that'll interest you :mrgreen:

Pic from chyros

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