Mx Clear G80


23 Sep 2018, 07:20

Looking for a g80 of any variant that came STOCK with mx clears, not modded to have mx clears.

Im ok with pretty much any model of g80 as long as it has decent mx clears in it, would prefer older stuff if possible. willing to buy multiple if sellers have multiple ones i want

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Prisoner of Technology

23 Sep 2018, 11:06

I have one G80-3000LQCDE, interested?


24 Sep 2018, 21:12

RaleghDirat wrote: I have one G80-3000LQCDE, interested?

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25 Sep 2018, 21:26

How much do these go for, roughly? I may have one or two in the basement, but would it be worth tramping down and digging them up?


26 Sep 2018, 21:24

Found 2 modern mx clear boards, would still be willing to buy vintage ones if anyone has any

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