[WTB] IBM 5140 keys and 7u Alps spacebar

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21 Feb 2019, 17:46

Looking for a few items:

-IBM 5140 "Ctrl" keycap (x1)

-7u Alps mount spacebar with Alps style stabilizers to match 5140 keycaps (x2)

-Original IBM "Pingmaster" cable (2+)
If you've converted your Pingmaster by replacing the original cable (with the DB9 connector), I'd like to buy it.
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25 Feb 2019, 00:12

Happy to buy full 5140 keycap sets too. :)


25 Feb 2019, 00:31

I have full keycap sets for the 5140 if you're interested.

Also have Model 4704 cables which I believe are pretty similar to the NOS Pingmaster cables, but not NOS obviously :-), and I might even have a Pingmaster cable or two as well.

Will PM you.

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25 Feb 2019, 12:34

I've sent you a PM back. That will get me most of the way there. Thanks, Orihalcon!

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