Looking for Cherry G80-3000LFADE and G80-3000 LSMDE


04 May 2019, 16:47

Hi everybody!

I'm glad I found this website and board because I need some help:
I'm desperately looking for a Cherry G80-3000LFADE keyboard - the one with the click ;) I need it for some retro PC games and it's the first option but as an alternative I'd also possibly buy a G80-3000 LSMDE (both versions manufactured in Germany).

Is it right, that those two only differ in the connector DIN/AT versus PS/2? They both have the Cherry MX blue switches with the click but is there another difference in quality between those keyboards?

Thanks a lot for your feedback and hopefully some offers.

Best regards and have a great day,


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The Tiproman

04 May 2019, 18:30

I do have a G80-3000 LSMDE (MX blue switches and purple PS/2 connector).
Given the noise it generates, I would gladly get rid of it :lol:


06 May 2019, 07:37

Thx for your reply - PM sent!

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