LF: Round4 Spherical + Round5 honeywell spacebars - 625 units - $20 USD


14 Nov 2019, 05:26

Haven't been active lately - just went to install these caps and realize I forgot to get appropriate space bars :/

Looks like I *may* be able to get a Round5 honeywell from the spares, is 7bit still active?

I can do $20 for either space bar, shipped in the US. Surely someone is hoarding one, thanks!


20 Nov 2019, 04:15

bump - just added an offer of $20 shipped for either (or ideally both for $40 shipped)

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20 Nov 2019, 12:29

I got em, but an ocean away.


28 Dec 2019, 18:51

I got black, white, and red. I think I have Grey.

Also, these are standard SP SA spacebars, available on pimpmykeyboard.com

What do you need?

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