[WTB] [EU/BG] A couple of Holy Pandas

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14 Apr 2020, 17:38

Hi everyone!

I am looking to buy a couple (at least 5) Holy Panda switches to fill the rest of my Idobo (ID75) as I only have 70.
Ideally, I'd like to buy some more (maybe 20-50) so I can have enough, if I decide to put them on a bigger board.

As the ones I currently have, came factory lubed from Drop, ideally, I am looking for switches that also come from Drop and have the factory lube on.
Keeping in mind though that they aren't terrible consistent in the lubing, I think it would be fine if they are lubed with a different lube.

I'd prefer to buy them from the EU, as I don't want to pay $15+ shipping for like 5 switches.

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