[WTT] unrestored 5251 beamspring for f107

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14 Oct 2020, 01:52

Hi all! I am looking for the elusive Model F 107, with the huge zinc case. I have for trade an unrestored IBM 5251 beamspring. This was a barn find, so the stems are a little rusty, and the place is corroded but not too bad, either way it will need a full restoration, but the pcb is mint. Perhaps someone who has a F107 they would consider trading? Also have many other keyboards, vintage pcs, etc I could offer if you are not looking for a 5251. I can be reached much easier in the DT discord if anyone PMs me here and I dont reply. Username is same there.

Old pics from a reddit post of mine, https://imgur.com/gallery/ttymFRj can post new pics / inner pics if anyone actually interested.

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