[H] Razer Blackwidow Elite [W] Focus FK-5001 Variant B


25 Sep 2019, 14:16

Looking to start off my collection with some Alps battle cruisers. The keyboard can be in any physical condition, I can retro brighten it and clean it, but the calculator screen must be functioning.

Only keeb I own atm besides my work 60% is a blackwidow chroma with Razer greens. It's in very good condition, lightly used for gaming. The original keycaps were replaced when I bought it so they are in pristine condition.
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25 Sep 2019, 15:16

Deskthority: seeking Alpine battlecruisers. You know us well!

(Now just never call keyboards “keebs”. Or we’ll thwack you with a solid one upside the head! They’re “boards” laddie! Like a weapon!)

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