(TRADED) [Have] Custom Focus 2001 [Want] a new board to fix up


12 Jan 2021, 02:28

I like fixing up and tricking out old boards more than I actually get to use them, so I have a bunch of old completed projects that someone would really enjoy but are just gathering dust here. Today I want to offer out my custom focus 2001. It has white alps and was originally with a 5 pin din port. It has an AT XT switch and it did not originally feature windows keys.

(on the enter key you will see a nexus slider, this is no longer on here, it was just for testing)

Mods that I have made...
Painted the case a gunmetal black
Painted the enter and space bar a dark red
Changed the lock lights to Red
Added tai hao keycaps for black mods
Added a 5 pin aviator plug for custom removable cable support
Internal modded it with a tmk controller
Lubed all the switches, and are now 9 to 10 out of 10 (they were originally 8/10 when I got it.
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Over All, it is an amazing board, but I want a new project. so send me offers of good boards that need a little love
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13 Jan 2021, 01:41

traded, thanks for viewing everyone


09 Mar 2021, 04:50

Amazing work!

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09 Mar 2021, 11:03

That is killer. Are they MX Blues? Thought these Focus boards were all Alps.

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