[WTT] [EU-UK] Focus 2000 Plus QWERTZ Caps For UK QWERTY Set

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14 Mar 2021, 17:12

This is the first time I've tried to go about something like this so please bear with me. I got this beautiful board off a member of this forum last week and absolutely bloody love it. The dust cover makes it. However, I'm English, live in the U.K. and this has a QWERTZ key cap set on it. I think it adds more character to an already interesting keyboard but I'd be lying if I claimed I wouldn't prefer a U.K. QWERTY set of keycaps for it.

I'd guess it'd be easier to trade a whole set, rather than just the specific German ones so that's what I'm proposing. Unfortunately it ain't half overcast here right now, and my indoor lighting ain't doing them justice but these key caps are pretty damn tidy. I can post better pictures when it's a little brighter here on The Wirral if required.

So, have any of my European brethren got a compatible U.K. key cap set that you'd be willing to trade?
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