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13 Apr 2019, 17:40

This is the thread where I'll post any keyboards/input devices that I want to get rid of. Just pay the cost of shipping.

Intergraph Keyboard
This keyboard is most likely a rubber dome board (based on the keyfeel) and appears to use an odd ps/2-ish terminal connector. I will probably not get around to converting this thing, and as such, it is untested.
Photos (w/ timestamp): ... 2VOOyAPPM9


13 Apr 2019, 18:01

Hmm. I found that the Intergraph keyboard had probably belonged to a server or workstation: InterServe or InterPro, that ran "CLIX" Unix on the Clipper RISC CPU.
Mainly used for CAD. They had been introduced in 1986 and started being phased out in 1993.
That's pretty cool. I had only ever seen their later graphics PC's running Windows NT.

In the Wiki there is a note of an "Intergraph 2710" keyboard having Micro Switch SD series "square stepped" switches, but it is not confirmed.
Is there a label with a parts number on your keyboard?

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