[No longer required] US-UK proxy wanted for 2 low-cost keyboards

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07 Jun 2021, 10:34

I don't know if anybody would be up for doing me a favour here but I'm trying to see if it might be more cost effective to proxy something rather than buying it through eBay's "Global Shipping Programme", which appears to charge its "import costs" arbitrarily by a system that I assume must involve spinning a wheel of fortune to see where it lands. It's just for two pretty boring keyboards that I am 99.9% certain are Key Tronic rubber domes, which a friend and I would like to buy but can't justify the cost of shipping via eBay from the US to the UK.

It's a Sun Unix layout and they're NOS, and I'm about to convert another Sun board so I've already got the parts to make converters, so that's really the only reason I'm interested. If it's anything like my other rubber dome Key Tronic, it's probably useable but nothing to write home about. I just want it for the layout tbh. But if you also want one and are in the US, you could potentially send the seller an offer for 3 (or I could) and then ship it to you, for you to forward 2 to me if I cover the international shipping, and I'd pass 1 to my friend here. If you don't want one but don't mind helping me out a bit, obviously that works too!

Any takers? Chuck me a PM!

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