Is this what the hole in the 5251 is for?


22 Jul 2021, 13:40

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I finally pulled the trigger but at $1450 cad it's the darn most expensive non motorized single thing I've bought. It needs some love and some foam but I'm very worried about pulling off the spacebar. The field + key broke part of the stem when I pulled it off but still makes enough contact and I'm very worried of it happening to the space bar too.
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22 Jul 2021, 14:25

Definitely a beauty! Those triple wide keys often do end up with broken stem insert areas, but they do typically continue to work fine. Worst case scenario you could rebuild the plastic up with epoxy. Did I miss the part about the question of what a certain hole is for that you reference in the title?

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22 Jul 2021, 17:12

I think he is referring to the scrabble tile holder on this model.

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22 Jul 2021, 22:01

I feel your pain man :oops: I broke the stabilizer hole on my space bar, because I tried to remove the wire - still feel bad about it every time I look at the board :lol: But as far as I know I don't see what you feared happening to the space-bar if you properly remove the two plastic parts holding the stabilizer in place and having a good and correct grip on it when you go ahead and slowly try to pull on it. Don't forget to do a gentle back- and forth motion while doing so, but I guess you already knew that :)

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