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02 Aug 2022, 19:17

Shortly after I got my Model M (The standard one) and then the Screen Reader/2 pad, and using them both together, a thought popped into my head that I couldn't shake: "Hmm, it'd be pretty neat to have all the Gray Badge Model Ms together".

Well, here were are a little over a year later and I don't want to know how many hours spent scouring eBay for deals...

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02 Aug 2022, 19:27

Love the animation! :D

I hadn't even realised just how much more case up top there is on fullsize Ms compared to the SSK. (Been a long time since I last had any Ms bigger than TKL.) The 'lil IBM badge on SSKs is a clear hint, of course, but the animation makes it sing.


02 Aug 2022, 19:33

Same! There were a couple surprising size comparisons that I didn't realize until I had them all together.

Like you said, I didn't realize how much smaller the SSK is than the standard M due to the top portion of the case being smaller.

I also was kinda surprised at how much "less big" the M122 was over the standard M, if that makes sense.

Another thing that I thought was interesting was that, despite all being gray badges, the M50 is the only one that shares the bezel and lip design of the older style Type 1/2 M122s and F122.

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02 Aug 2022, 22:10

I used to have one of those numpads back when I had an IBM obsession problem (it's now a topre problem)
Did you manage to get it working?


02 Aug 2022, 23:09

Yeah, it speaks PS/2, albeit weirdly. Each key sends different scancodes for down and up. For example, key one sends scancode (decimal) 6 when you press it, and 134 when you release it. So I used a teensy and C++ to write my own converter / remapper for it.

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02 Aug 2022, 23:18

Care to share the code? How did you do it?


02 Aug 2022, 23:43

Yeah I can I suppose, but with a huge caveat: I'm just a lowly VFX artist who taught himself python to help with work, and then frustratingly stumbled my way through C++ to cobble together something that at the end of the day sent the right codes to the computer. I'm not a programmer and I have no formal training with C++ or even programming in general, so it's likely it's riddled with bugs, inefficiencies, no-nos, etc. Therefore, I accept no responsibility for it or any damage it may cause if used, nor will I provide any support for it. I'm sharing it for reference only.

The base code for this was originally written as a personal exercise for myself with my Deko Fast Action keyboard, then I modified it for use with the Screen Reader/2 keypad. Arduino / Teensy comes with a PS/2 library built in, but I quickly found limitations with it when I tried to use it for my Deko board. So, using it as jumping off point, I rewrote it entirely. I'm using it on a Teensy 2.0 BTW.

Now that my air-tight disclaimer is out of the way, I've attached the code here.
(2.25 KiB) Downloaded 21 times

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03 Aug 2022, 00:31

I have read your EULA and agree to your terms. ;)

I’m not a real coder either. Interested to see how a fellow lightweight went about it!

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04 Aug 2022, 14:27

Great collection! Do you have a favorite? I’m curious how much of the sound and feel differs between them.


04 Aug 2022, 17:18

My favorite would be the standard M, since it was made on my birthday! A very close second / sometimes tied for first is the Screen Reader/2 pad. It was the first rare / unique / special board I found that wasn't just a run-of-the-mill keyboard. Also, by an incredible coincidence, it was made either 2 days or 10 days before my birthday! (It's hard to tell for sure since there's unfortunately a hole in the label, but at the very least it was made in my birthday month).

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04 Aug 2022, 21:24

We should all prize keyboards which are near your birthday. ;)

Beamsprings are only so high because they’re the only IBMs which match mine.


04 Aug 2022, 22:21

i like your grey badge model m collection :)

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