Weytec MK06 retrofitted with LCD screen


08 Nov 2023, 16:24

Thanks to the awesome work by @MMcM, I was able to get my MK06 working without the external converter.

To celebrate, I changed the weak LCDs with a big IPS HDMI panel. This way, the screen can just display whatever I want instead of the Weytec stuff. A few 3D printed parts hold all that in place, and a couple of cutouts in the back to add the new ports and we're good.

I swapped the alphas with Wyse DCS caps for AZERTY layout.

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08 Nov 2023, 18:32

And here's the github link for my atmega32u4 & vial port of the awesome work done by MMcM, hope it can help someone in building a converter.

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08 Nov 2023, 20:14

Stunning! 8-)

I’d try to use the 24 (currently) blank keys around the display to drive its interface, as their presence there is crying out for just that use. Quite a software design job to implement, though, so you’re forgiven the placeholder keys.

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The Tiproman

08 Nov 2023, 20:56

Should you consider selling it (or making a second one), do contact me please - merci d'avance! :mrgreen:
(even if your AZERTY seems to have at least partially a Mac layout)


09 Nov 2023, 21:30

the blanks keys are the original ones, what you're describing is what wey originally did on the puny original LCDs :) I've been thinking about what kind of "software" I want permanently on that screen, no idea for now, but it shouldn't be too hard to write a simple "app launcher" or something.

btw the screen is touch enabled, so I can either just tap the screen or use the buttons :)

not planning on selling for now :)

I had a couple people ask for commission or selling, and my answer is "I don't mind, but it's gonna cost around 400€ on top of materials and donor keyboard, because this is kind of a hack job and making sure it's solid and well built for a customer would take many hours"

However I posted more infos on how to make one on github.
This repo is for the "mechanical" stuff, not a lot of photos but it's not that hard.
There's the repo in my last post for the pro micro converter too.

As for the keycaps, I changed the alpha blocks from the original Weytec / GMK qwerty caps for Wyse azerties.

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11 Nov 2023, 16:16

Saw it on reddit already, true piece of art ! magnifique

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20 Nov 2023, 11:06

Great job, I love projects like this :D .

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