Micro Switch SD-16234 Keyboard Made for SSM VB3A S100


18 Nov 2018, 03:14

There is one listed on eBay right now.

https://picclick.com/RARE-Micro-Switch- ... 88513.html


20 Nov 2018, 16:21

Looks nice!
I didn't get it because I just got the other one and I've already spent too much money on keyboards this year ;)

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23 Nov 2018, 22:42

I seen these as well. Pretty neat MicroSwitch boards.

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24 Nov 2018, 00:28

Yeah I wanted them so bad but this close to Christmas I have to buy adult things, I do have little kids and all that. But it just so happens that my conversion works perfectly with this type of Microswitch so if you would like to use it with a modern computer it should be no problem. My firmware works with that board right out of the box so you won't even need to mess with the key-map. Just pop out the Intel chip from its cradle and wire the Teensy. I used male to female jumpers and drove the male end directly into the cradle where the old 8048 went. Its a beautiful board I might see if I can get you to take some detailed pics of the case so I can fabricate my own, my board didn't come with a case, or those nice relegendable key caps.

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25 Nov 2018, 15:37

Here are the links to my writeup and the hex and source for this type of MicroSwitch SD Board

workshop-f7/man-vs-microswitch-converti ... 19688.html - my writeup of the conversion.

https://github.com/lessthan0/microswitchkbd?files=1 - here's the link for the source.

If you do end up using it just let me know how it goes I love seeing an old SD board come back to life.

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