New model F62 with solenoid

Chasing the Dream

05 Apr 2020, 14:28

I was in a rush (because I was so excited to use it) so dont have any pictures from the inside :| , but the build is really simple. It was hard for me to find a fitting solenoid on ebay, so used a old one I had laying around.
The one on the left.


This kind of solenoid was for a limited time available on ebay.
I removed the metal piece around it, because the foot piece was to big for fitting in the case. I think all original ibm solenoids will fit without chopping in the case (right side). Of course now the hammer will have no "cage", so I placed the solenoid directly infront of the right side of the keyboard case. The solenoid will now hammer direct at case (damped with a piece of foam tape).
Here a drawing :lol:
DSC038421.jpg (294.83 KiB) Viewed 4461 times
The case has a really tight fit, the solenoid is taped down to the top and down with double-sided tape. The driver board is in a plastic bag stuffed inside the case.

Typing example:
More pictures from the keyboard in general. The keycaps are from an typewriter and a model M, also some relegendables.
DSC03837.JPG (422.32 KiB) Viewed 4461 times
DSC03838.JPG (418.18 KiB) Viewed 4461 times
DSC03839.JPG (340.93 KiB) Viewed 4461 times
DSC03840.JPG (372.11 KiB) Viewed 4461 times
DSC03841.JPG (381.36 KiB) Viewed 4461 times
DSC03842.JPG (302.3 KiB) Viewed 4461 times

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05 Apr 2020, 19:18

Beautiful! :D


05 Apr 2020, 19:46

i'm not a big fan of small boards like this but that's just absolutely damn awesome. i always wonder how would it feel with a solenoid if you could make it smack about under the pcb, so you could feel it bumping up your fingers when typing in this way :D

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05 Apr 2020, 20:04

Wow, was it purchase option? Pardon my ignorance....

Chasing the Dream

05 Apr 2020, 21:31

You need a solenoid driver board and a solenoid, the additional pins on the f62 xwhatsit controller are already there.

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05 Apr 2020, 22:19

Very nice! How do you like it in comparison to your FSSK (if you still have it)?

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08 Apr 2020, 20:33

Awesome! Is this one of the new model f's from Joe or an original?


11 Apr 2020, 16:21

These are the new model Fs, it says so right on the thread title.

Chasing the Dream

11 Apr 2020, 17:07

ramnes wrote:
05 Apr 2020, 22:19
Very nice! How do you like it in comparison to your FSSK (if you still have it)?
I sold my SSK because I never used it and needed money. I really like that every key feels and sounds very uniform on the new model F62. The size is almost the same I think.

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09 Jun 2020, 15:25

What is the operating voltage of the solenoid, if I may ask?
thank you.

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