A Model M13 and a Terminal keyboard, both for $70.

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16 May 2020, 02:29

Recently, I purchased two Model Ms for $70, which is slightly expensive for a generic Model M, but not that bad. You'll see why I bought both shortly.

The first one is a Model M13, which supposedly worked. Great deal, right? Well...

Here's my "Lexmark" "working" Model M13 with trackpoint. I managed to find one on eBay for $70, which is expensive for a Model M, but cheap for an M13, even one that's highly used. I picked it up, since, while it looked dirty, it didn't look terribly dirty.


Honestly, for a 20 year old keyboard, this isn't bad. Other than the part where the trackpoint fucking module doesn't fucking work so what's even the fucking point. Going to try to get a refund for the item cost and send it in to Unicomp.


Some minor board chow, but, again, not bad. The cable is obviously near death. It turns out it's a Maxi Switch M13, not one made by Lexmark. I was hoping for Made In The USA on the back.


In comparison, I got a 1993 IBM Terminal keyboard from Drake, a moderator on the Model M subreddit. The back doesn't say who made it, presumably Lexmark, but I'm not sure. It's pretty swell! Love the extra spacebar on the numpad, like always.


It's in great condition, nearly new in terms of the business end. It even comes with a Dollarama tier Canadian flag and a sticker.


You can see in the top right a janked together internal Soarer's converter. These are available commercially from $35. Value added!


While the keyboard was clearly used, the keys and (upper) case look basically new! Awesome! I think I got a good deal on both. I'm very pleased.

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