Chicony KB-5160AT (w/Green Alps!)


27 Mar 2021, 01:42

Hi there. I wanted to upload some photos of a recent eBay adventure mainly to provide a source so I can update the wiki. I found a new listing for a Packard Bell-branded Chicony KB-5160AT that was in really good condition, and thought it might be a chance to try out some blue alps. I knew Chicony boards are a bit of a gamble, so I wasn't going to be surprised if it had Futaba clicky switches. To my surprise, I found green alps!

Anyway, I love the board. It's super cool, and the switches are in fantastic condition. I've never used linears before, and I think I'm starting to understand the appeal. I'm really impressed at how slim the board is, so I included some comparisons with my model f.

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image


27 Mar 2021, 02:37

Very nice! I’ve been wanting to try linear alps after getting a feel for yellow alps that came with the lock lights keys in a recent Focus keyboard I purchased.

How is the weight of the space bar? My model F AT has a heavy one and I’ve wondered if that was a common trait with AT-style boards.


27 Mar 2021, 04:32

The space bar is incredibly light! Almost too light. I wouldn't dare try to guess grams, but it feels about as light or lighter than my HHKB spacebar, which is 45g, I believe. Certainly loads lighter than the model F spacebar (I had to mod mine to get it to a usable state)

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27 Mar 2021, 16:04

it sounds odd but lookwise i love these so much. still on the hunt to find one myself with skcl green switches. the packard bell badge looks kick ass too!

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