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20 Feb 2021, 14:59

My NOS Consul 262.9 just arrived:
IMG_20210220_144836.jpg (2.83 MiB) Viewed 357 times
IMG_20210220_144713.jpg (2.3 MiB) Viewed 357 times

Jan Pospisil

20 Feb 2021, 16:55

How is it? These pop up on Czech sites all the time, but I've been hesitant for some reason.

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20 Feb 2021, 17:32

Feels like any other vintage Hall-Efect Board to me. Not too surprising since those switches are soviet Microswitch SD-Series clones. Very decent keyfeel, but the horizontal keys that are 2u bind kinda badly on offcenter keypresses. Havent lubed them yet, but am going to try some dry PTFE spray on some. Maybe it will disappear when I use it for a while. Spacebar was like that too in the beginning but is ok now.

Sound is great and build quality is amazing! The caps are thick ABS doubleshots, the case is some sturdy plastic. They sure have a very distinct look, I especially like the single wire foot on the back :)

I'd say they're equally as good as your standard Microswitch SD board that pops up on eBay now and then but are actually usable since the 262.9 and 262.12 should work with an XT-converter or just via AT respectively right out of the box. 262.12 also has a modern layout + locklights. Maybe even the only vintage Hall Effect board in a modern layout that works without any additional conversion work.
Both have inherent NKRO. If you have the chance to get one in decent condition, I can definitely recommend it.

Small Update: PTFE did wonders on the Spacebar, but didn't do anything on the 2u keys. Those do not have the same stab design. 2 Switches in the corners, the one on the right being dummy switch with slightly different dimensions. If you try to press right on top of that one, it's kinda awful tbh. This only concerns 3 keys: R & L Shift and Numpad 0. Not an issue for me when I used it.


02 Mar 2021, 17:55

My main keyboard, an IBM Model M 122:
20210220_062809.jpg (16.46 KiB) Viewed 140 times
This keyboard was made on 10 March 1987 and the part number is 1390888.


Today, 11:06

So happy this finally arrived. Not sure if the previous owner did a writeup, but I think it's really cute.
20210305_192203.jpg (2.99 MiB) Viewed 43 times

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