IT'S ALIVE! Post your xwhatsit-resurrected beamspring/kishy

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03 Aug 2017, 18:39

hypkx wrote: Here a album from installing the Xwhatsit in my IBM 3178:
Thanks for the post. I haven't seen one of these converted before.


26 Aug 2017, 13:28


Potato pic of my resurrected beamspring. Looking for replacement caps if anyone has any extras!

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Offtopicthority Instigator

26 Aug 2017, 13:49

Looks awesome, good luck with finding some keycaps or just use Selectric caps.

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20 Apr 2018, 15:49

Here's my resurrected 75-key 3278 beamspring. The inside of the top case is marked with the date 10-10-79.

All of the switches were disassembled for cleaning and derusting of the switch stems (vinegar bath). The switch plate and bottom switch-housing plate were also derusted. I was originally planning on painting the plates with black hammered Rust-Oleum but decided to leave them bare for now. I would like to try electroplating the plates like this - has anyone on here tried this before? The original foam was also replaced since it was mostly disintegrated.

The only issue I ran into was during reassembly when I put all switches in backwards - it was an annoying and tedious fix, especially being so close to thinking you're done with everything.

The xwhatsit beamspring controller and solenoid driver work great. Thanks xwhatsit!
IMG_0957.JPG (1.86 MiB) Viewed 1024 times
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Offtopicthority Instigator

20 Apr 2018, 15:57

Nice, here's mine, notice the single yellowed "Ü" keycap:
IMGP1999.JPG (951.94 KiB) Viewed 1012 times


13 Jan 2019, 22:07

IMG_20190113_140306_1.jpg (1.42 MiB) Viewed 901 times
Finally a keyboard that I grew up with ... Just need to finish with the keymappings


24 Jul 2019, 02:29

ccw wrote:
13 Jan 2019, 22:07

Finally a keyboard that I grew up with ... Just need to finish with the keymappings
Awesome - another APL beamspring. You "grew up with" this keyboard? I wish I grew up with this. I'm just the first person to have this IBM APL beamspring keyboard converted to USB - thanks to xwhatsit.

I wonder whatever happened to xwhatsit, "The #1 Hero of Converted Beamsprings in the History of Mankind."

I'm reminded of a Godfather quote... "...and there isn't even a plaque or a signpost or a statue of him in that town..."

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