[sold] MassDrop PuLSE SA Keycap Set (100%, Numpad, UK, Ergodox, Planck, Tsafox)

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18 Nov 2020, 00:41

Hello guys. I am clearing out my house from unused stuff and found some time to put up another listing. :)

I originally bought this set on MassDrop in 2016, used lightly (more looked at them) :D

Full description is on the eBay page, here is the list of sets that's included:

⌁ MDX-5647-BSKIT (Base kit)
⌁ MDX-5647-UKKIT (UK kit)
⌁ MDX-5647-NMPKIT (Numpad)
⌁ MDX-5647-FIXKIT (Fixes)
⌁ MDX-5647-NVLTSKIT (Novelties)
⌁ MDX-5647-PLNCKKIT (for Planck)
⌁ MDX-5647-TSFXKIT (for Tsafox)
⌁ MDX-5647-RGDXKIT (for Ergodox)
⌁ MDX-5647-ZMBLSKIT (alternative colours)
⌁ MDX-7022-4 (extra keys)
⌁ Set of 5 Stabilizers

Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284084996888

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18 Nov 2020, 00:57

Ooh, they're even shined from use, nicccccceeeeee

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