IBM PC 5150/5160 XT Model F

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23 Jun 2019, 12:45

Hey all, just posting a link to my $0.99 auction for a PC 5150 Model F. I was able to test it with an IBM PC 5155 portable in November last year and it was working fine, but I no longer own any XT keyboard compatible computers to test it with.

The spacebar is wobbly and some googling tells me it's only possible to reattach correctly by drilling into the barrel and using string or something, which I'd rather not attempt in case I mess it up. That's for you to have fun with! :P ... 3942236353


10 Jul 2019, 21:41

Hey DeChief, letting you know I was the one who purchased this keyboard from you. I must say I am really impressed with the condition of the board. There's almost no rust whatsoever to speak of, and the barrel plate is immaculate. Even the foam is in excellent condition. I've given the caps and exterior a simple clean, and it's almost like new again. I feel this keyboard will continue to be mechanically sound for a very long time.

I'll attempt to fix the space bar some other time, as the lack of stabilisation in the space bar isn't really an issue for me. I'm also waiting for a Soarer's converter to use this on my PC, and it's very painful waiting for it to arrive, to say the least. :lol: This is my first F, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the typing feel and sound even without an adapter.

Thank you so much for the board!

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