Did I just break my Keyboard? :-(


22 Jul 2021, 09:38

Dear folks,

I recently found a white alps KB (seems to be wiki/NTC_KB-6251 or maybe wiki/Chicony_KB-5161), including a switch for A,S or X at the bottom.


The a-key and the c-key were not working, therefore I replaced them using white dampened alps switches from an old Apple AEK II and solderd them onto the PCB.

Unfortunately after reassembling the keyboard, it seems that no key is working anymore. Still, the LEDs get activated, after pressing CAPS, NUM or SCRL.

Is there anything, I can do, to rescue this board?

Many many thanks



22 Jul 2021, 12:57

After completely reassembling it, it seems to be working now. even a and c key.

Topic can be closed now.


Yesterday, 16:59

Need to open again. After cleaning the whole keyboard and replacing all switches, two switches cause the according key to be sent plus the adjacend. I thought that my soldering was not too bad. May this be caused, by compressed air I was using also on the pcb?
Any thoughts how I can overcome this issue?

Many thanks!

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