Homerow Co. "Open Source" Parts - UPDATE: 09/03/2017 (Topre Stem)


20 Jul 2017, 13:30

First off a universal 60% plate, a GH60 model, and the OLKB Planck PCB model, both for Fusion360:

60% Plate:
https://github.com/homerowco/60-mx-alps ... itch-plate

GH60 Model:

OLKB Planck PCB Model:

Both models are obviously not perfect KiCAD exports or anything like that - just accurately overlaid decals with a USB connectors in the right place for orientation. On the Planck the USB connectors is too long (there are two types of mini usb pcb connectors, the olkb one is a bit shorter) but it stands out the right distance in the right place so you know where it will be inside your case design. The GH60 model has the right usb connector and it has both sides of the plate decal'd and the mounting holes are in the right places extruded.
The models have the decals placed very, very accurately so if you'd place switches in a switch plate and put the model under it, the switch holes and pins will align correctly with the switches at 19.00mm for the Planck and 19.05mm distance on the GH60.

The 60% switch plate has AI files attached, one file with all the details from original Swill Builder base to the modified version and all the separately set stab spacings and enter key orientations. It also has the KLE raw data so you can see what keys were overlaid to get to the base layout. There is also a combined AI file where it is all merged together and ready for export, which is also already done in the DXF folder (unit is mm not inches!).
Obviously, there is no Kerf added or subtracted.

I hope someone will find this useful - it was a great help to me to design cases more accurately.

I will see what else I can open source in the future :)

Example design with the GH60 PCB and switch plate layout from above - the HR-HAF (Heavy as F*ck):


... and the HR-GN - floating key planck case with detachable foot and acrylic or metal inlay - in the background the HR-GL with high profile lip - both extreme high resolution nylon 3d prints (more on instagram):


P.S.: If you want to see how this can be used - here are some of my prototypes and models: https://www.instagram.com/homerowco/


UPDATE - 07/22/2017

60% Fusion360 Starter Template:
(will show empty preview because it is only sketches no actual models)

Same as above with GH60 PCB model already placed:

Template includes sketches for switch plate cutouts, my current mounting frame, keycap border frame plus additional border with standard 1mm spacing, and GH60 mounting holes sketch so you know where to place the case mount stabs.

Tips for beginners:
  • Give top facing corners a 1.5mm radius fillet so a 3mm milling bit can cut them. This works also for the high profile cases and leaves enough space for keycaps not to hit the corner edge.
  • 7mm is a good height for a high profile case to cover the switches and overlap a bit with the keycaps.


UPDATE - 09/03/2017

Topre Stem Model:

In case someone wants to model a topre keycap mold or similar. It's only the top half without the stem base. Modeled after a Realforce Topre stem - cut one in half to get precise measurements.

Tips for beginners:
  • 7mm bezel, 1.5mm switch plate, 3.8mm switch space, 1.6mm pcb, 3mm space below pcb, 2mm base wall thickness = 18.9mm total case height
  • Use fillets only on wall corners not on the outside - for the outside use chamfers - it's cheaper! :)
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UPDATE - 09/03/2017

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