Finding DEC VT05 compatible key caps

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19 Apr 2019, 21:11

I am on the hunt now to restore the keyboard from a DEC VT05 terminal I recently acquired. The keyboard is branded by Digital equipment (an LK01) but it utilizes a Stackpole grid keyboard mechanism. The part that you guys might find of interest is that after some research, the keyboard legends changed from the DEC VT05 and the DEC VT52 terminal (next model) and the legends have stayed pretty consistent to modern times up to today. (look at your top row with the numbers).

For example the number 2 has the @ sign when shifted and the 9 and 0 have the "(" and ")" symbols when shifted where as the DEC VT05 does not. I did find two similar keyboards I have with similar legends including my IMSAI IKB-1, IKB-2 and the keyboard in my Sol-PC. I can't really wreck those so it will be a chore finding those.

Here's a pic of the keyboard for the DEC VT05 (top) and IMSAI IKB-1 (bottom).
DEC VT05 and IMSAI IKB-1 keyboards.
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