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02 May 2019, 05:57

Hello all and thank you for looking into my request. Ive been a long time keyboard enthusiast and am currently working on developing my own keyboard. I have had my prototypes for a long while now but have finally had the spark to complete my project. The only problem is I am not familiar with microcontrollers or programming them at all! I was hoping to modify QMK to work if it is compatible with the TM4C123G (cortex m4). My keyboard is also fully RGB lit so I would need to prepare that in the future. Here is a picture of my current board as well. Any help is super appreciated as I look forward to bringing this beauty to life!!!
C.2.USA.B.BC-0385   BOM005123-0 (4).JPG
C.2.USA.B.BC-0385 BOM005123-0 (4).JPG (580.12 KiB) Viewed 251 times


02 May 2019, 06:47

Cool to see a custom keyboard for the Cherry MXLP! :)
Are you using Keebio's footprints or did you make your own?

Doing a few quick searches, I can't find any direct info that QMK would support the TI TM4C123G however ... But that does not mean that there is none. QMK can run on top of Chibios (a tiny realtime OS), and Chibios should have some support for that microcontroller.
USB support is not something that is easily supported by just supporting the processor inside the microcontroller. It is usually handled by dedicated hardware, which is different for each microcontroller family.


02 May 2019, 07:07


I made the footprint myself from a document Cherry sent me way back when the switches were first announced. it was in German and looked handwritten hahah.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the usb keyboard example loaded properly from the tiva examples onto my prototype. Before I started playing around my pcb detected usb connection. Once I tried to install the demo it stopped detecting. i have a total of 3 prototypes so I hope to not ruin them too quickly!

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