Zenith Z-150 Restoration; Conversion


07 May 2019, 15:10

*This will most likely take me a few days at the very least because of how filty it is. Once completed, I will post more pics in gallery*

Day 1: The keyboard has arrived! There were only 2 photos of it on the listing so I could not see exactly how bad it was but to be honest it is much worse than I expected. The bottom is rusty and bent, the cable is cut (might not even work?), the plate is loose, the entire plate is covered in what looks like the fluff from a tumble dryer and it has LOTS of dirt in it (I'm pretty sure this was stored outside at some point, uh oh). Some switches feel like complete shit while others feel perfectly fine but I can't complain about green alps.
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I've built a Teensy converter using the remaining original cable/connector and it works! Some keys don't register but after checking with a DMM, this is purely a hardware issue (I will be disassembling the switches to try and fix this)

Day 2
I have started desoldering the board. My iron is on its last legs and the sucker is practically dead which made this really painful and difficult. This is admittedly the worst desolder job I've done but I can't afford a new iron at this time. In a few instances, the pads have been torn from the PCB (poor heat control + 30 year old PCB don't go well together) so I will need to jumper those. I can't decide if I use the original PCB or handwire it when it comes to assembly.
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12 May 2019, 18:07

Finally got the PCB desoldered - what a pain. Some legs decided to randomly snap of while desoldering which was probably due to the liquid damage visible on the plate and PCB however there is enough material for me to solder to when handwiring.
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13 May 2019, 17:30

All the switches have been disassembled fully and the housings washed in warm soapy water to try to remove the strange white residue. After wiping with Q tips, the residue has barely come off so I will try with some isoporopyl alcohol when I get some.
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I've also worked on a custom layout which I am looking forward to finishing (if it lets me compile, that is)

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