Can someone review these Alps 68-key plate dimensions?


21 May 2019, 16:41

Hey everyone,

I'm planning a 68 key Alps build for Tada68-compatible cases based on LFKeyboards' SMK65 PCB. I have no CAD experience so I used ai03-2727's Voyager65 plate ( ... ate/Source) as a base. However since I wanted a 1.25/1.25/6.25/1/1/1/1/1/1 bottom row (1.25 LCtrl, Win, LAlt / 6.25 Space / 1u RAlt, Fn, RCtrl / 1u arrows) I also generated a plate using Swill's tool and tried to copy the bottom row and screw holes into the right positions using QCAD.

My proposed plate design is in the attachment (DXF within a ZIP file), and it would be fantastic if someone could check the dimensions, mainly screw holes, plate size, and switch/stabiliser cutout positions. It looks right to me but given that a millimetre off in the wrong spot could ruin everything, it would be great to get a second opinion from someone who knows more than I do. And if it's all good then we have a new 65% Alps plate for you all to use.

N.B. - note on stabilisers: I have Alps stabiliser cutouts but also a Cherry stabiliser cutout at the spacebar, so if I want I can switch between spacebars that use Alps stabilisers and spacebars that use Cherry stabilisers. The other Alps stabilisers should also work with Cherry-stabilised keycaps if I use the excellent Nexus stabiliser inserts.
FINAL_Alps68 w Cherry
Alps68 plate DXF for review
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