Using superglue as invincible clearcoat/powdercoat

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04 Jun 2019, 11:17

Now first of all, let me state that all 2k sprays are deadly expensive, at up to $40+ per restoration. Powdercoating is not that much cheaper either. That's my motivation for trying to find a much more durable, at least semi reusable method of spraying an IMPERVIOUS clear coat. Preferably gloss.

Initially I had tried to paint on the superglue using a silicone spatula, but that only worked until the spatula caked up, and was difficult to remove.

And then came the moment of brilliance. Use cheap glass spray bottles from ebay, at around $20 for 10, filled with cheap super thin superglue. This produced a matte finish reminiscent of the original powdercoating. I've had to use really trashy chinese superglue from aliexpress, a vastly inferior formula to American brands; it cures near instantly and leaves behind a very wrinkled finish.
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I'm communicating with my regular high quality glue supplier for a liter's worth instead of just 50g bottles. That stuff, even when wiped on, dries basically crystal clear. I've had massive success coating my 3d printing bed with a thick and even layer of it, but it seems to react with the polymers in the superglue so that it sets faster when I wiped it on paint. If I sprayed that though, I suspect it would create the perfect surface.

Pics here :)
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The last one is bad looking because the paint wasn't fully dry :(. Make sure the paint is dry or it will wrinkle like above. Be sure to have a gas mask as well, an old soviet or nato gas mask with a modern filter will work perfectly fine as it will cover both the eyes and the airways. Superglue fumes are noxious, and can induce flu symptoms for a very sleepless night.

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10 Jun 2019, 23:44

Super glue makes my skin crawl. Do you really have a supplier? You must use a lot of super glue!

Good read. I hope you post more results.

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11 Jun 2019, 07:44

There's a supplier or two on chinese sites, but there's some american brands that seem to have far more quality offerings that won't look all matte when dried. E-Z BOND and BOB SMITH INDUSTRIES seem to produce pretty decent superglue, so give those a shot. They're not really expensive if sprayed through 20ml-50ml bottles

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21 Jun 2019, 07:23

Save your lungs eyes, ears, nose and throat. Most of all, save your time and money. Why not invest in a cheap powder coating system from Harbor Freight? It has great reviews and it's dirt cheap! For a mere $70, you can powder coat to your heart's content. ... 94244.html

If $70 is too much, scour the internet for a 20% off coupon and get it down to around $56. You might find a 25% off or even a 30% one and shave a few more dollars.

Don't have a Harbor Freight near where you live? They can ship it for a low $6.99 flat rate. You will also need powder paint, which is only $7 for a full pound of it at HF, and a large toaster oven. Visit your local thrift or buy a cheap one off eBay, or just bite the bullet and buy one new for under $60: ... r-oven.jsp

For the price of a used, nice keyboard, you can have a complete powder coating system. You can always dump it on eBay if you have no use for it after completing your restorations. I doubf you will get rid of it, they really up your restoration game to another level.

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