65% Model F – Open Group Build


29 Oct 2019, 02:13

manisteinn wrote:
28 Oct 2019, 23:24
Interesting, would you mind elaborating on the stick design issues? I personally don't care for click detection, but good drift detection would be important. Looking forward to your results in any case!
Contemporary sticks have 4 terminals - see patent drawings for the schematics, but there are 4 resistors in addition to the strain gauges. It is humanly possible to desolder those and have a common ground + strain gauge outputs out, but it involves desoldering 0603 SMD resistors. Which is easy if you have a JBC with tweezers, but otherwise not.
manisteinn wrote:
28 Oct 2019, 23:24
What do you have in mind for these extra pins?
I do like the idea of a custom controller with an onboard type-C port, FFC connector for the trackpoint, BLE+battery charger, LEDs etc...
I don't. You seemed to be worrying about GPIO availability.
There are literally 3 pins left unassigned on the kit, despite them not being marked on the "default pinout" picture. It only describes "user-serviceable" pins that are used in default pinout. No markings next to the pin doesn't mean it's unused.

Anyway, if you plan to attend the big meetup - I'll be there, we can chat about that.

Edit: looked into Location field. ^ doesn't seem likely.

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