Repair or replace cable on Lexmark Model M13


02 Nov 2019, 23:10

Hi all.

I have a new (old stock) Lexmark Model M13 that works perfectly, all rivets intact. The only issue with it is the cable, which is dried out, cracked, and frayed. Please see for photos. The cable terminates in a 5-pin DIN for the keyboard and a DB9 for the mouse. I'm looking for suggestions on how best to address the aging cable. As I see it, my options are:

∙ Do nothing. It works.
∙ Use electrical tape to secure the weak spots.
∙ Use mesh tubing (suggested by the good folks at, and I have ordered this):
∙ Use plastic electrical tubing:
∙ Use heat-shrink electrical tubing, suggested by a friend:
∙ Use a cable organizer:
∙ See if Unicomp can repair it. I asked them via their support portal, they said no. But someone told me to call them and I might get a different answer, so that's the plan for Monday.
∙ Babysit eBay and watch for a replacement cable. Unlikely, I think.
∙ Babysit eBay and find a cheap M13 and use it for parts. Unlikely, though, as I'm told this cable problem is common with the M13.
∙ Buy an SDL cable and retrofit it (is this even possible?):

Looking forward to your suggestions and advice.



16 Nov 2019, 18:19

Why not just convert to USB? Just open up the keyboard, remove the original cable, pry open one of those cheap ps/2 to USB converters and solder the chip (harvested from the active converter) directly to the original model M controller.

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16 Nov 2019, 18:52

It's ruined. You need to sell it. Preferably to me at discounted price of course. :D

But seriously.
It's a hard question to answer, if you don't know what you're after. Personally I would replace the cable. Not hunt for original replacement by the way. But straight up buy shielded wire from electronics store, and solder the connectors to it.
But then again. It works so why fix it ? :lol:

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