[IC] ALPSaver case redux prototype

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25 Feb 2020, 04:11

Before I start, don't get too excited, this is a pre-prototype project and I do not know if/when this will ever move beyond initial prototyping.

I have started the process of making a case based on the ALPSaver case and I have hit the part of prototyping where I could start making actual cases. I have found a local place that has given me a reasonable quote for an unfinished metal case and plate so I am looking into getting prototypes made at the moment and would like to get some feedback and see if there are any layout requests that I have not considered/designed for.

Presently I am thinking of using a 60% form factor with a layout that can be accomplished with caps from a single pingmaster, as I figure that is the most commonly available cap set as far as SKCC goes, and certainly the one closest to a modern layout.

This is the layout that I think should be include standard with the case. Additionally, since this is a normal 15u x 5u rectangle, an MX plate for this case could be designed to allow for use of standard MX 60% cap sets but that isn't exactly the goal of this thing, so feedback into the demand for such a thing would be appreciated. I would eventually be uploading the file for the plate though, so anyone could make a plate of their preferred layout even if that isn't part of standard the kit.

I am reaching out for a bit of feedback and to test the waters a bit while I am waiting on prototype stuff. Things like layout, switch types to support, colour, name, that sort of thing. If you're interested in the idea please see this google form or just post to the thread.

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26 Feb 2020, 22:31

Go full Alps elitist and only support SKCC.

Colors true to the original case would be best IMO.


Call it: The Pingster

but best advice of all: don't take my advice!

Do you have any renders of the case yet?

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09 Mar 2020, 19:03

Bit of an update: manufacturer is not equipped to ship anything (they normally produce large parts where shipping is prohibitive anyway, so they aren't actually set up for shipping anything) so I would need to take a day off of work to pick them up. As such, this would be very difficult for me to do in high volume.

That being said, I will be getting the first prototypes made and whenever those get done I will likely start another thread showing those off.

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