How IBM model M keycaps met idye poly


12 Jul 2020, 12:47

Thought i'd share my experiments with idye poly and old ibm keycaps. Caps painted are all from some Model M. Could not bring myself to dye model F keys, yet at least.

The blue gradient starts with turquoise and ends with blue. Turquoise unevenness is quite noticeable, perhaps ultraviolet degradation is to blame.

Red came out quite nice, barely noticeable unevenness.

Shifts are kelly green.

Yellow came out mustard yellow, unexpected, but quite even and nice looking.

Enter is painted with some blue mix as a base and tsp or so of black added, it produced a beautiful metallic golden/purplish hue, which unfortunately rubbed off, but left quite a nice black.

All dyed caps are pebble, except the one left of 1, which came out deeper and more vibrant. I generally used enought water to cover the caps in one bowl and about a tsp of powder and quite random amounts of intensifier, but not too much, because i wanted to do all the painting with one intensifier packet.

All in all, i'm quite satisfied.

Another picture with different lighting and angle. How it looks in real life is somewhere between.

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13 Jul 2020, 03:46

Check out reply #14 in this thread: ... #msg742090

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