Hatsucoh HEKB01 Keyboard

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16 Aug 2020, 09:56

Hello DT,
Recently picked up this HEKB01 Topre Hi-Pro keyboard with the aim of converting it.

In all honesty, I don't know where to start, I had a brief chat to Hasu who thinks it should be able to be protocol converted but I don't have a logic analyzer or oscilloscope to assist me.
While trying to supply power to the board I noticed 'FS1' (Pictured below, assuming fuse) did not have continuity. Should it? There's another location on the board labelled VCC, which I am assuming is for diagnostics, I supplied power to this instead and it seemed correct as the board's speaker began to beep on keypress. So should I start with this? I was thinking of jumping fs1 to test but I don't want to damage anything without a fuse in place.

(Note, on the other side of the PCB, VCC connects to the other end of that (Diode?) via the red line I drew. )

I think what I really need is someone that has converted this or a similar board to share their firmware so I can have a crack at hooking mine up to the Teensy 2 I have. Any discussion welcome, Thanks!

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