XT/AT/PS2/Terminal to USB Converter with NKRO

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20 Jan 2019, 21:17

Most likely. Soarer said he was working on finishing it up before going open source, then he vanished, never to be heard again. The person who subsequently reverse engineered it in his absence tried to get his permission, heard nothing, and didn’t publish their source, as I recall. Good old authorship and intellectual property!

What’s gotten your interest? I thought you were a TMK guy. I think Hasu has almost all of Soarer’s functionality now, plus much more, just in a different format that’s generally less non-coder friendly to begin.

Hasu’s GUI has been talking to me lately. I may switch over my converters. But it’s always so much easier for most of us when the binary is already there for you to start.

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25 Jan 2019, 21:46

I would also prefer tmk as a converter nowadays.. to be honest, some features like space-fn implementation are imprescindible for me now..
Also if we could somehow "standardize" the way to define a keymap/layout it would be actually a great thing: immagine to be able to load layouts on any tmk/qmk, soarer, CommonSense, xwhatsit, etc! All understanding the same configurations...
I also miss a lot the non heterogenity of some fuctionalities like dual-role keys or taps between them..
Ideally the layout could be defined in a syntax like that of the keyboard-layout-editor.com but that's not enough and also the RAW syntax is a bit ugly tbh.. ;)

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16 Mar 2019, 18:33

If I have a keyboard that is AT/XT switchable, is there any reason you guys could think of that it would be preferable to use AT over XT (or vice versa)?


16 Mar 2019, 21:16

well AT is far easier to get working on a modern system a simple 5 pin din to PS/2 adaptor along with an active PS/2 to USB converter and then you have a working keyboard obviously it limits re programming but for a laymen user its simple and easy solution. Of course for those that make their own converters i guess that the process of building one is the same whatever protocal its just flashing different code so the choice does not matter as much.


19 Mar 2019, 14:16

Hello all,

I recently ordered two adapters on eBay for my XT model F. One of the adapters randomly died altogether and I was sent a replacement. The replacement arrived, but when I plug in any of my Model Fs, it doesn't work. In HID I am getting R06 WFE for all key presses, and I noticed that the Keyboard IF is 0000 and the code set is Unknown. The mode is set to AT/PS2 instead of XT. Any idea what caused this and how to fix it? It is like that on any computer I use.


03 Nov 2019, 02:55

can i use an arduino nano in place of a tinssy ?

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03 Nov 2019, 10:18

You can use a pro micro instead! Both soarer and tmk run on it as converters. And it costs less than 3$ on Aliexpress.



03 Nov 2019, 15:57

Got a pro micro connected to my model F and flashed Soarers. When I plug it in there seem to be loads of random keypresses. hid_listen not picking up when connected


03 Nov 2019, 16:54

Check that your cables are not shorting each other. If that doesn't fix it, make sure your keyboard is grounded to the Promicro.


03 Nov 2019, 19:21

kmnov2017 wrote:
03 Nov 2019, 16:54
Check that your cables are not shorting each other. If that doesn't fix it, make sure your keyboard is grounded to the Promicro.
The cables are fine. What do you mean by the grounding? The ground pin is connected from the keyboard to the pro micro. Could the pro micro just be bust?

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